Multi-Manager Solutions

Multi-Manager Solutions

LumX has been a key player in the development and management of innovative alternative investment programs for over 25 years. The combination of our experience in the management of fund-of-hedge-fund products, with the expertise and methods developed in the management of tailored portfolios of hedge funds for institutional clients, allows us to offer a broad range of investment solutions. Our alternative solutions business includes the management of commingled and customized investment programs and advisory services for institutional and high-net-worth clients. Programs can be tailored to address a wide variety of investment objectives, such as, for example, achieving broad multi-strategy exposure to hedge funds, delivering consistent low-volatility returns by investing primarily in market-neutral strategies, or providing fixed income exposure with significantly lower interest rate duration through bond substitution strategies.

In the case of tailored mandates, we work closely with our clients to understand the exact role the hedge fund allocation is expected to play in the client’s broader asset and liability mix, in terms of diversification, return enhancement, or asset class substitution.

Our history of successful product innovation and creative solution development for sophisticated institutional and private investors rests on the notion that sound investment decisions are those that combine:

  • A clear and pragmatic top-down view of market opportunities and risks, combining pertinent observations from the analysis of historical data with structured, forward-looking assessments of market and strategy dynamics;
  • A process for identifying, evaluating and allocating to managers whose talent and methods are most appropriate to capture the opportunity set at any time. Rigorous formal reviews of manager strategy, methods and organization best achieve this goal when the research and decision process is under the responsibility of experienced senior investment professionals, who directly participate in all phases of due diligence.
  • Effective risk management rooted in a high degree of transparency. Analysis of historical data can yield useful information about manager actions in the past, but the risks taken at any point in time result from current positions. These must be known and their risk exposures correctly understood for robust risk management. 


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