Multi Asset Solutions

Our Solution

The LumX Multi-Asset team brings decades of experience to the task of personalised wealth management for high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutions.

Key features of our approach are:

  • A fully independent investment process - With no links to banks or other institutions, trading decisions are driven solely by the client’s best interest, in accordance with the detailed mandate objectives and constraints agreed with the client.
  • Our focus on the client - We believe that establishing and maintaining a direct and close relationship with each client, based on earned trust and transparency, is the best way to ensure congruence between expectations and investment outcomes.
  • Our asset allocation approach - We make full use of a broad range of financial instruments and strategies, across multiple asset classes. When alternative strategies are appropriate, we can draw on 25 years of LumX experience managing alternative investment programs for some of the largest institutional investors in the world. Our broad investment scope provides more flexibility in the pursuit of investment opportunities, more effective management of portfolio risk, and better structural diversification.
  • Our view of the world - Our investment approach mixes structured top down analysis of market trends, opportunities and risks with rigorous bottom-up research. We have developed over the years a wide network of relationships with influential and informed market experts, whose insights enrich and inform our thinking.