About LumX

About LumX

LumX Group Limited has been a significant player in the development and management of innovative alternative investment programs for over 25 years. Our business includes:

  • Discretionary management and advisory services on customised alternative investment programs and commingled funds
  • Private client wealth management on traditional and multi-asset portfolios
  • A dedicated, independent fund structuring business, which provides strong governance, segregation of assets, and enhanced transparency

We have an ingrained culture of continual improvement of our investment and research processes, operations and IT infrastructure, and have led early initiatives to obtain greater transparency from underlying managers and, through development of sophisticated risk management tools, we seek to improve our ability to tailor investment programs based on current exposures rather than statistical anaylsis of historical track records. We continue to refine and improve our ability to obtain and effectively use a high degree of transparency on the underlying factors and risks in each of our portfolios.

Our active management approach seeks to strike the optimum balance between the expertise and experience of our research team and systematic management techniques. Capital allocation decisions benefit from a rigorous investment process and extensive transparency platform. Our relationship with underlying managers and providers of alternative risk premia is built on a deep understanding of the design and implementation of often complex strategies, allowing our experienced investment team to regularly challenge counterparties on industry best practice and strategy implementation. 

Tailored turn-key service is a central pillar of our business, covering all aspects of a client's investment program set-up on a bespoke basis. This includes legal issues and structuring, appointing of service providers, risk monitoring and management, and comprehensive reporting, in line with the individual requirements, objectives, and constraints of each client's portfolio.